Hallspot: Making College More Connected

College is a time for new friends, $1 pizza slices, ramen galore, hungover Sundays, and immense amounts of caffeine. These are pieces of the college experience. 

Sean Thorne and Adam Tirella, co-founders of social networking startup Hallspot, want to capture each and every one of those moments.

Hallspot, located in beautiful Eugene Oregon, is changing the way that students in college connect. After two rounds of angel financing, the Hallspot team launched a limited beta version of its mobile app and website to students at the University of Oregon. They have quickly grown to 800 users, and have already heard stories about discovering exciting events and spots around campus. Riding this momentum, they are getting set to expand the beta to all Oregon students in the coming weeks.

Hallspot’s popular feature “Happening Here” provides students with an interactive map of personalized recommendations based on what is around them. Users can see and spot where friends are to know what is happening around campus. This feature provides a real-time snapshot of the college community. Hallspot user’s can share and tag photos from places, comment on the locations of friends, and ‘like’ updates.

Hallspot networks are unique for each school. The result of this is localized content that is relevant to a particular campus community. Students must register with an .edu e-mail address, which means no parents and no professors. College moments for students are safe and secure. Students are free to share, connect, and experience everything college has to offer.

The Hallspot team is growing quickly. They have leased a 2,000 square foot office space in downtown Eugene, hired six full-time employees, and five interns. The team is passionate about design, promotion, and development which they believe helps deliver the Hallspot experience. Sean and Adam have big plans for Hallspot. After launching at The University Oregon they want to tackle other Pac-12 schools and eventually all colleges and universities. From a normal college class, the idea of Hallspot and making “College Life, More Connected” was born.

“As students and recent graduates, we recognize college as the best 4 years of our life. For us, there’s nothing more important than our university campus and our college friends, and that’s what Hallspot stands for.”

– Sean Thorne

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  • If this were at UVA, professors and anyone working at UVA also gets an e-mail address with an @virginia.edu ending, so Hallspot might want to rethink how they verify users to be students if they want it to be a student-only community.

    • Sean Thorne

      Great Question Alex. I work for Hallspot – we’re working on some cool options up our sleeves to make sure Hallspot is always exclusively for college students! Thanks for the insight.

  • this sounds like such a awesome idea, especially for those who get so caught up with so much work for classes and we loss track of what’s going on around campus. It’ll be fun if it expands to New York City!